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"The Forest" features the opportunity to go afield in the wild places of Northern Michigan pristine public lands. In search of whitetail deer and your own personal adventure. The opportunity to chase freedom from modern social constructs and seek mental clarity. The definition of a trophy hunt is different for all hunters. This adventure and the path is my trophy taken. 


Join Kevin Vistisen and Jorden Susewitz as they set off on a journey to capture a season of deer hunting in the expansive forest of northern Michigan.

Whether you're a life long hunter or have never had exposure to the experience. The Forest will provide insight as to why we hunters head into the field season after season.


In search of reconnection to the natural world, no experience has the opportunity to bring you closer than hunting.




What Others Are Saying:

"All hunting productions should be captured and shared in this manner, it showcases what the hunt is truly about."Dan Infalt 

"The Forest is a compelling story. It is a reminder of why we hunt and will take anyone back where they started as hunters." - Nick Ventura - Become 1 

"The Forest is a breath of fresh air and a fantastic watch for any hunter. Kevin showcases the essence of hunting throughout the autumn changes in both a reflective and rewarding manner." -  Jared Scheffler - Whitetail Adrenaline 

Run Time: 46 minutes

The Forest Film

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